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Le développement du tourisme durable au Laos

Par Anne-Cécile Bras

Au Laos, petit pays d’Asie coincé entre le Viêtnam et la Thaïlande, l’arrivée en masse des touristes dans ce pays longtemps isolé du monde, après la prise de pouvoir par les communistes en 1975, a provoqué des changements drastiques et pas toujours au bénéfice de la population. D’où l’idée d’une nouvelle approche...

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5 Most Popular Lao Dance

Combining the richness of Lao music with the graceful movements of dancers, Lao dance is distinctive and sets Laos apart from its neighbors. Here are the 5 most popular types of Lao dance that you may join the locals when you travel in Laos.

1.    Lam Vong

Lam Vong... 			
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Top 5 Camping Grounds

Source: Vietnam Traveller Magazine, May and June 2015 Issue

Camping for many can be one of those getaways that sounds great in theory. Getting in touch with nature, cooking over a roaring fire and first-fighting bears are fantastic and all until you get some weird rash from a poisonous plant, realize you...

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Traveling back centuries through Laos

By Beverly Mann

Laos is a world of wild wilderness, white-water rapids, foamy waterfalls, and a wondrous array of underground caves, where mountains and plateaus cover 70% of its natural landscape. An enchanting enclave unto itself, Laos is landlocked and bordered by Burma, Cambodia,...

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